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cryopen treatment Basildon

Your local clinic for non-surgical blemish removal offers a variety of fast and effective solutions for skin irritations.

Cryopen Treatment Basildon, FDA approved, is the optimal choice for swiftly and painlessly eliminating skin lesions like Skin Tags, Milia, Cherry Angiomas, Age Spots, Warts, and Verrucas.

Achieve flawless skin within seconds with minimal invasiveness and no need for injections.

After your initial consultation for skin lesion removal such as skin tags, benign moles thread veins and mole removal your healthcare professional will look at all skin conditions and blood vessels to make sure it removing moles is fast and effective.

Within six weeks you will see amazing results and as opposed to laser treatments or minor surgery, cryopen is pain free and can offer pain relief and it only targets the blemish and healthy skin tissue wont be damaged.

The actual price for treatment can vary depending on the size we can however offer fast access for you.

Cryopen Treatment Basildon offers:


Cryopen from Crysonic Basildon can be used to remove skin lesions non surgically through a process called cryotherapy.

This involves using extreme cold temperatures to freeze and destroy the unwanted tissue, which then falls off within a few weeks.

To perform this procedure with Cryopen, the following steps can be followed:

1. Select the appropriate size and shape of the nozzle for the lesion being treated.

2. Cleanse and disinfect the area around the lesion.

3. Gently press the Cryopen nozzle onto the lesion, ensuring full contact.

4. Depress the trigger on the Cryopen to release a controlled stream of nitrous oxide gas onto the lesion.

5. The nitrous oxide gas will cause rapid cooling of the tissue, resulting in freezing and destruction of cells within seconds.

6. Once the targeted area has been treated, release pressure on the trigger and gently remove it from the skin.

7. A white halo or frosting will appear around the treated area, indicating that sufficient freezing has occurred.

8. Advise patients not to touch or pick at this halo as it forms an important part of treatment healing process.

9. Instruct patients to keep the treated area clean and dry for at least 24 hours after treatment.

10. Depending on size and depth of lesion, multiple treatments may be required to ensure complete removal.

11. Advise patients about possible side effects such as blistering, redness or swelling which should resolve within a few days after treatment.

12. Schedule a follow-up appointment with your patient to monitor progress and determine if further treatment is needed.

Overall, cryotherapy with Cryopen from Crysonic Basildon offers a safe, quick and effective solution for removing skin lesions without any surgical incisions or scarring.

Why Cryopen treatment Basildon?

CryoPen Treatment in Basildon swiftly, safely, and effectively eliminates skin lesions, making it the preferred choice for the task.

The process involves freezing skin sores with a targeted jet of nitrous oxide, safeguarding the surrounding healthy cells.

What sets CryoPen Treatment Basildon apart from liquid nitrogen?

CryoPen uses laughing gas at -89°C, while liquid nitrogen operates at a colder temperature (-196°C).

The extreme cold of liquid nitrogen is unnecessary, as cell death occurs at -62°C, making nitrous oxide effective in removing lesions without harming surrounding tissue.

For treating verrucae, molluscum contagiosum, and aesthetic flaws in young individuals, excessive power from liquid nitrogen is not required and may even be counterproductive.

Key Features:

– Local & Trusted

– FDA Approved

– Safe for Use Around Eyes & on Children

– Non-invasive – No Needles – No Downtime

– Resume Normal Activities Immediately

What about more methods for removing skin sores?

Contrasted to various other approaches of skin sore elimination, CryoPen therapies leave fewer scars and need absolutely nothing in the method of post-operative upkeep. 

Therapy is completed promptly and you can continue with your day.

Skin tag removal isnt sometimes perfromed by plastic surgeons.

If you leave a skin tag without any further treatment you run a risk of skin cancer.

Cryotherapy treatment is a painless procedure to removal most skin lesion without the need for local anaesthetic.

It is a simple procedure that is easily accessible with a short healing time.

If you have benign growths, for cosmetic reasons you may wish to have them removed.

Our friendly staff are here to support you from start to finish and on consultation if the consultant feels you need more than one treatment we can tailor make a plan for you.

The best part about cryopen is that you can return to normal activities straight away as the lesion is removed from extreme cold, and it only removes the affected area.

what is the cryopen basildon able to deal with?

There are numerous benign skin sores that the cryopen can heal, including

  • Dark, hyperpigmented imperfections or freckles
  • aging or liver places
  • Obstructive
  • Protuberances
  • Hands as well as feet with
  • Milia  and  verrucas
  • Plum angioma (red sores).
  • Skin tags and also verrucas.
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