Cryopen Treatment Rugby

The cutting-edge procedure CryoPenTM uses cryotherapy, or severe cooling, to gently and safely remove undesired, benign, and superficial skin lesions like warts, skin tags, verrucae, milia, cherry angiomas, scars, and resistant hyperpigmentation.

Cryopen Treatment Rugby

Visit your nearby non-invasive blemish removal clinic for a diverse selection of swift and efficient solutions to address your skin concerns.

Cryopen Treatment Rugby is FDA approved and the best option for quick, painless eradication of skin lesions and flaws such Skin Tags, Milia, Cherry Angiomas, Age Spots, Warts, and Verrucas.

With little invasiveness and without the use of injections, flawless skin is possible in a matter of seconds.

Cryopen Treatment rugby offers:


What Causes Skin Lesions?

Despite the fact that you may not be familiar with the term "skin lesion," given the variety of forms they can take, you may be affected by them.

Any area of your skin that is different from the surrounding skin in terms of colour, shape, size, or texture is referred to by the phrase.

These characteristics are expected to develop as you age. In order to determine whether the CryoPen will allay your concerns, we'll look at some of the most common skin lesions that can be treated with it.
The advantages of cryotherapy on a verruca
• When other treatments for verruca have been unsuccessful, it may be used successfully on the condition.
• A consultant may do it at their office, so the patient does not need to be admitted to the hospital for it.
• If treatment is successful, patients will be able to participate in activities like swimming without having to fear that they may infect others with the virus.
• Guarantees that the infection will not be passed on to other people
• Lessens the likelihood of the patient feeling embarrassed as a direct consequence of the verruca on their foot

Cryopen for Moles

When doing a mole inspection, be on the lookout for:

  • A morphological alteration, such as a change in colour or the presence of several colours inside the same mole.
  • A mole having a border that is not even.
  • Moles that have recently become elevated, have crusted over, itch, or are bleeding.
  • A rise in overall dimensions.

If any of the above describe your moles, you should have them evaluated by a trained specialist.

Mole Removal available at Cryopen Treatment Rugby

Even while the vast majority of mole alterations are not harmful, it is nevertheless important to examine moles on a frequent basis just to be on the safe side. Having saying that, moles might still have an effect on your health if you discover that they are very prominent.

At Cryopen Treatment Rugby, we have a lot of patients who come in looking for help and advise on how to remove undesirable moles in a way that is both safe and effective.

We provide cryotherapy via the use of the cutting-edge and pioneering CryoPen instrument. 

Using a precise application of freezing nitrous oxide gas, our specialists are able to remove superficial lesions on the surface of the skin in a painless and expedient manner. 

This is made possible after it has been determined that the mole in question is harmless. 

Your skin will have the appearance of being clearer, giving you a more even complexion, which may help you regain your self-confidence.

Cryopen Treatment Rugby is Approved by the FDA

What about more methods for removing skin sores?

Compared to other methods of removing skin sores, CryoPen treatments result in fewer scars and require no postoperative maintenance.

The procedure is swift, allowing you to resume your day promptly.

Skin tag removal is not always performed by plastic surgeons. Neglecting a skin tag without treatment could increase the risk of skin cancer.

Cryotherapy is a painless method for removing most skin lesions without requiring local anaesthesia.

It is a straightforward process with a quick healing period.

If you have benign growths that you wish to remove for cosmetic reasons, our welcoming team will guide you throughout the entire process.

Should the consultant recommend multiple treatments, we can customise a plan for you.

The beauty of CryoPen is that you can return to your normal activities right away as it targets only the affected area with extreme cold, ensuring swift recovery.

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