Cryosonic are specialists in removing stubborn blemishes that can bother children.

Non invasive, risk free, pain free and with pin point accuracy – Cryosonic is the perfect alterative to surgery that can be painful, risky and with downtime.

Is your child upset with blemishes on their body and face?

Have you tried all manner of treatments and they just wont go? 

We understand the frustrations your child can feel – here we are able to treat and remove even the most stubborn of blemishes with one short treatment. Specialist child treatment.

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How We Can Help Children

How is it safe for use on a child?

As a result of the CryoPenTM’s secure, fast, and also painless cold therapy, a wide array of clinical as well as aesthetic skin lesions can be successfully gotten rid of. 

With the CryoPenTM, Cryotherapy is very safe and also accurate without the requirement for anaesthesia or shots thanks to its fast acting properties. 

Cryosonic specialist can answer all your questions.


For Cryotherapy To Be Effective, How Long Does It Typically Take?

There is a possibility that some areas of healing may take longer than two to three weeks.

Using cryotherapy is a very safe and effective treatment, and the results are usually very positive.

You will need to ensure you help your child keep the area clean, and dry much like if they had a fall and had a scratch.

Children tend to heal faster from cryopen treatment than adults!

How Safe Is Cryosonic Treatment On Children?

Cryopen is non-invasive, non-injectable, as well as risk-free for children of all ages.

The safety of CryoPen therapy has been well-documented in the scientific community.

However, the following should be anticipated:

As with most lesion treatments, you can expect to feel some discomfort while the CryoPen is applied to your skin. Contact our team today

What Is The Minimum Age For Treatment?

Children 6 years plus can have this treatment done.

Cryosonic Specialist child treatment is non invasive, with parental consent and with proper checks it is safe and effect for any child.

How Long Will A Cryosonic Specialist Child Treatment Take?

Cryosonic Specialist child treatment time is short. For child appointments we even offer home visits so your child can feel relaxed in their own environment.

Please do call our team if you have any questions about the treatment.

How Does It Work?

Cryosonic Specialist child blemish removal service –

Verrucas and warts can be removed with CryoPen, an advanced freeze treatment that is quick, effective, and safe.

In order to achieve millimetre accuracy, it uses a high-pressure nitrous oxide jet.