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Are you a Cryopen Specialist, looking to grow your client base?

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Free Equipment

Free Equipment

Modern, effective calibrated equipment for our team so all clients get consistent results every time.

No Contracts

No Contracts

As an independent consultant we believe you have the right to choose when you work.

Provide Training

Full Training & Support

Ongoing and up to the moment training and support for all our team.


Appointments Booked For You

A dedicated team for all our customers to book & fill your diary

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No tie ins

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Maximize your earnings by transforming unused appointment space into a lucrative opportunity with Cryosonic.

1. Boost your income

Looking to fill your schedule? Let us take care of booking your available treatment spaces, offering competitive rates and a fully bookable system.

2. Embrace flexibility

Take control of your work-life balance with total flexibility. You get to choose the hours and areas you want to work in.

3. Hassle-free experience

Our expert booking team will handle all the logistics, scheduling treatments into your free spaces. Say goodbye to the stress of managing phone calls—we’ve got it all covered. Simply share your availability, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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Desired Qualifications and Equipment:

Join Cryosonic as a freelance consultant, where you’ll have the opportunity to work independently and play a crucial role in managing Tax and National Insurance matters accurately.

We kindly remind you that we cannot accept responsibility for any incorrect payments.

As a freelance consultant, we highly value professionalism and outstanding customer service, just as in any salon.

Uniform Policy:

When providing treatments, we expect you to wear suitable attire, such as a salon-style tunic.

Cryosonic does not provide a uniform, but we will inform you in advance of any specific clothing requirements.

Insurance Coverage:

Comprehensive insurance coverage for all treatments is a requirement. Upon request, you may be asked to present a valid insurance certificate.

Equipment & Accessories:

When applying to work with Cryosonic, please ensure that you have all the necessary equipment for carrying out treatments.

You are responsible for providing your own non-surgical machinery. If you’re interested in expanding your treatment offerings, we have supplier contacts that can provide discounted rates.

The Right To Refuse Treatment:

At Cryosonic, we prioritize strict professional and ethical standards. We want our consultants to feel comfortable while engaging with clients on behalf of our company.

Please be aware that our consultants have the right to decline treatments if any of the following circumstances apply:

– Broken skin or lesions

– Misconduct, such as solicitation or suggestive comments

– Any undisclosed medical conditions

– Pregnancy, if the treatment is considered unsuitable for pregnant individuals

– Intoxication from alcohol

Work Frequency:

The frequency of work will vary depending on factors such as the time of year, overall demand in your area, and the number of other consultants working in that area.

As freelance consultants, we cannot guarantee a regular working schedule.

Travel and Parking Expenses:

Please note that travel costs are not covered unless specifically instructed to travel a significant distance from your base.

Clients will be charged for parking expenses, and once payment for your services is received, you will be reimbursed for any such expenses.

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