Consultation Booking Advantages: 

Consultation Booking FAQS

This on the phone consultation will be minimum 10 minutes up to 20 minutes

The cost is £15 and this is deducted from your final treatment cost

  • Why do I have to pay £15.00?

Our consultants are very busy people so taking for customers to explain their requirements and for us to validate and discuss those requirements in detail takes time. However, if you make a booking with us the £15.00 is deducted from the treatment cost.

No we require a deposit at the start and final payment at end of the treatment.

Yes and we even offer home visits.

yes – each client is individual to us. Here at Cryosonic our clients understand that each clients needs is totally different therefore with our expertise we are able to offer plans that are just for you.

Cryosonic invites you to contact us today! We can get to know you better, understand what you hope to accomplish, and determine whether or not you are a good candidate for Cryopen treatment.