Cryosonic Specialist in Cryopen Treatment

Cryosonic is a skincare specialist, offering expert advice and bespoke skincare treatments to help you achieve flawless skin

Specialist in Cryopen Technology

Our speciality is in the removal of unwanted blemishes. We use one the latest innovative technologies on the market Cryopen. Our professional staff can remove skin defects such as moles, warts, skin tagscherry angiomas and sunspots in less than a minute. Cryopen treatment is non-invasive (no use of needles) rapid and painless.

Here at Cryosonic, we’ve taken into consideration the fast-paced lives many lead and the challenges of fitting in clinic appointments. If you’re in the UK, our team of skilled clinicians are ready to assist you, now offering a fully mobile Cryopen Service.


How We Work At Cryosonic

What we use

We all have what is known as “skin defects.” The appearance of these unwanted aesthetic blemishes can be an issue if they appear in a visible region. 

Even a small fault might make us feel self-conscious. Fortunately, some ways exist to combat and eradicate these abnormalities without surgery.

Cryosonic is one of the leading suppliers of the Cryopen Cryosurgical System which removes skin defects in a fast and painless way. 

The cutting-edge technology employs linear compression cooling technology without handling hazardous cryogenic gases and liquids.

This non-invasive pen-like instrument directly targets the blemish which means no healthy skin tissue surrounding the blemish is harmed. 

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Why choose us?

The Cryosonic team offer you expert professional advice, tailored skincare treatments and an impeccable service.  We pride ourselves on discretion, safety and excellent results to ensure you have the best experience from the moment you contact us.

Achieve your goals with our help

To assist you in achieving your aesthetic goals, we’ve included links to various common skin problems that concern clients. Our expert staff will give you further guidance and information.

Our commitment to you

What to expect during and after therapy will be explained to you so you can make an informed decision about whether the treatment is right for you.


You will receive honest counsel regarding treatment, and if you are not a good candidate, we can suggest alternative methods that may be more appropriate.