Skin imperfections no longer removed by NHS

Most skin lesions removals, or the removal of skin ‘lumps and bumps’ (e.g. warts, verrucae, skin tags), are no longer covered by the NHS since they are cosmetic and classed as “non-essential”.

In other words, the NHS will not remove a skin imperfection that is not cancerous and life-threatening.


Private clinics

Your next choice is to have it removed through a private facility. 

Many private facilities will provide laser or surgical removals, which leads to time off work, prolonged recovery time, and private surgical and laser removal is very costly!

Removing moles and other lesions such as skin tags can cost between £170 and £3000, with the average costing approximately £1000. 

However, these prices can vary depending on the number of moles needing removal, the size and location, and the surgeons’ experience in removing them.

Crysonic offer a fast treatment that is affordable:

Using the latest in cryotherapy technology, Cryosonic can remove your skin lesion quickly and effectively without the need of surgery. 

The procedure can be done in your lunch hour and because the treatment is non-invasive there is conveniently no need to take time off from work.

The Cryopen treatments are very affordable to remove those unwanted flaws. 

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