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Cryosonic Cryopen Treatment Prices

At Cryosonic, our prices reflect the high-quality bespoke treatment we offer. All treatments and consultations take place on the day of the treatment and are included in the cost of the treatment.

In some cases, a second or third appointment may be required; this will be determined during your consultation. When you meet with the consultant for the first time, they will let you know if there is a need for further appointments. In the case of a second appointment, we offer a 30% discount.

A mix-and-match service is available at Cryosonic, allowing you to choose from a variety of options. Multiple skin imperfections can be removed in one visit.

An example would be – A customer has two moles and three skin tags, they would like to be removed. At Cryosonic, you can have multiple different skin imperfections removed all in one appointment.

As the customer above is looking to have five removals, they would pay for five areas. In your consultation, you will be quoted based on how many treatment areas you would like removed.

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