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Cryopen the Safest Mole Removal Treatment on the market today

Moles can be a cause of concern for a lot of people. While some might consider them as a beauty spot, many perceive them as a potential sign of skin cancer. The good news is that you don’t have to live with them. There are several mole removal methods available in the market, but not all of them are safe and effective. Cryopen is one such mole removal treatment that has gained immense popularity in recent years and we are delighted to offer this treatment across the Uk.

We are a leading Aesthetic Cryopen provider, helping customers remove many unwanted lesions. Here we discuss why Cryopen is the safest treatment for mole removals and why you should consider getting it done.

Cryopen is non-invasive

Cryopen is a non-invasive FDA approved mole removal treatment that involves us using extreme cold temperatures to freeze and destroy the mole cells. The treatment doesn’t require any incisions, cuts or stitches, making it a safer alternative to surgical mole removal methods. This also means that there is minimal scarring, and your skin heals faster. Our years of experience and precision of the Cryopen treatment means that only the mole cells are targeted, leaving the surrounding healthy tissue unharmed.

Cryopen is painless

Unlike traditional treatments, we often hear from our customers that Cryopen is virtually painless. Cryopen is a perfect solution for those who have a low pain threshold or are prone to anxiety during medical procedures. You can expect to return to your daily activities immediately after the treatment, without any discomfort or downtime.

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Cryopen is suitable for all skin types

Cryopen is adaptable. It’s a highly versatile treatment that can be used for all skin types, including sensitive and dark skin. Cryopen treatment is quick and efficient, meaning you don’t have to go through lengthy treatment sessions. It is ideal for those who don’t want to leave scarring or pigmentation problems. We are proud to provide the only skin lesion removal treatment that doesn’t damage the surrounding skin, making it a highly preferred method for cosmetic purposes.

Cryopen is affordable

We understand that times are tight, this is where our mole removal treatment is leading the way. It is an very affordable alternative option to surgical mole removal methods. Mole removal surgery can be expensive, and the cost can quickly add up depending on treatment, anaesthesia or medications needed and aftercare. Cryopen is usually a one-session treatment with minimal aftercare or medication requirements, making it an affordable option for many looking to remove their moles.

Cryopen has excellent results

The treatment is highly effective in removing moles, warts, skin tags and other skin lesions, with a high success rate with our customers of all different types of lesions. The precision of the treatment also prevents the risk of mole regrowth.

At Cryosonic we have a team of experienced and qualified clinicians to carry out this safe, effective, and affordable mole removal treatment option suitable. It is non-invasive, painless, and doesn’t require recovery time. We treat clients everyday for different skin lesions, please get in contact with Cryosonic today, our team can answer any questions around mole removals.

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